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The NP10 is a high pressure 3 plunger triplex pump.



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 NP10/10-140 RE 316 Stainless Steel Pump


 NP10/10-140 S Seawater Pump


 NP10/10-140 Nickel Plated Pump



The Speck name is synonymous with quality and reliability. All our pumps are manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest in manufacturing technology.

The NP10 Range of pumps upholds this quality by providing:-

  • Brass Valve Casings on standard versions
  • Solid ceramic plungers.
  • Double plunger sealing with leakage return.
  • All gaskets in seal sleeves ensuring precise centring and easy replacement.
  • Identical suction and discharge valves, easily replaceable.
  • Crankcase from aluminium.
  • Pump easily configured for left and right hand drive.

The majority of spares for these pumps are available from stock.


Download General Information and Technical Information for this Pump Range


Guidelines For the Installation of Triplex Pumps

To help achieve a long service life for seals and valves (Maintenance intervals) required by Industry and to increase the working life of the pump, the following recommended values should be respected.

The maximum rpm and maximum pressure quoted in the leaflets apply for interval operation with cold water. Interval operation means, max 50% of one shift (8 hours) at max capacity, ie if max capacity is required. The pump is run alternately for max 30 mins and then stopped or run without pressure.

The pump should never run dry - this otherwise leads to immediate damage.


When installing the pump, please ensure that the flexible hose on the Inlet of the pump should be min. 1,5 to 2 times larger than inlet port size or as recommended on the file “Inlet Pipe Diameter”. The suction pipework should be installed to avoid the use of reduction fittings and elbows.

Safety Valves

A Safety valve is to be installed in accordance with the guidelines for liquid spraying units so that the admissible operating pressure can not be exceeded by more than 10%. Pump operation without a safety valve as well as any excess in temperature or speed limits automatically voids the warranty.

Pulsation Dampners

SPECK Triplex pumps run almost pulsation free, in certain applications installation of a pressure accumulator is necessary. This will depend on the construction of the unit and the conditions under which it is operated. The same effect can often be achieved by using flexible pressure lines. In any case, use of a pulsation damper adds to the life of seals and bearings.

Hot Water

Particular care has to be taken when pumping warm water, making absolutely sure that cavitation cannot occur.

The warranty covers the supply of spare parts within the scope of our warranty regulations. Wear parts (wear and tear of all moving or dynamically stressed components) are not included. Warranty period 6 months. Repairs at the site of installation, and consequential losses are excluded. Full details included in conditions of sale.

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NP10 Seal Kit


NP10 Valve Kit 


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